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The Book

Points Of Power: Embracing Victory [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]-media-1 51NnlylUNVL._SX335_BO1,204,203,200_Product Description

Over five million listeners tune in to hear Yolanda Adams’s Points of Power, a segment in her daily radio show that inspires people by applying biblical truths to present-day realities. In her first book, Yolanda Adams transfers that winning segment into a reader’s delight. In this highly accessible manual for daily living, she shares stories from her and others’s personal experiences, showing readers how to access God’s love and grace in their modern world and troubles. By revealing how Yolanda and other human beings have transcended the world’s difficulties, POINTS OF POWER empowers readers to face trouble with confidence in the God who never fails. (2009)

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly

Adams’s upbeat you can do it, too message finds a new home in this book written with children’s author Lavette. Using the Points of Power presented on her daily radio show and themes from her gospel songs, Adams advances her belief that God has a plan for each life that includes success and happiness. She develops 37 points, each packaged with scripture passages and thoughts for further consideration, with a collection of stories about people who have overcome various struggles. She is transparent about her own failures and triumphs as well. After losing her father at a young age, Adams went on to college and a brief stint at teaching before launching a lucrative gospel music career that has generated 17 albums and $40 million over 20 years. A single mother of one child, Adams also has been divorced twice, but with her characteristic glass-half-full outlook, she sees good in everything that has happened to her. Christians who subscribe to the prosperity gospel message, as well as her fans, will most appreciate Adams’s prescription for fulfillment. (Jan.)

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“Yolanda Adams has been an inspiration to me through her songs for a while now, and to my pleasant surprise her spoken words to me backstage on many occasions have helped me in my walk of faith in ways I know she cannot know. Her spoken words are [now] in writing in a book. Yolanda, I’m hanging on every page ’cause I need all the help I can get. Thank you so much for touching me.” (Steve Harvey, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller ACT LIKE A LADY, THINK LIKE A MAN 2009)


“Yolanda Adams’ faith is infectious and her spirit joyful. If you need a quick pick-me-up, you will find Yolanda a welcome companion on your spiritual journey.” (Tyler Perry 2009)


“Yolanda draws out the practical application of powerful biblical truths through inspiring stories and nuggets of wisdom found in POINTS OF POWER.” (Bishop T. D. Jakes, Senior Pastor, The Potter’s House of Dallas 2009)


“People who are a true light to the world are often referred to as being ‘angels in disguise.’ My sister Yolanda Adams is indeed an angel, but she is not in disguise. POINTS OF POWER is like an angel’s instruction manual for living on earth. I know that it will inspire everyone at a time when we need it most.” (Mo’Nique, actress, comedian, and TV host )


“Most of us know Yolanda Adams can touch the heart with a song. With POINTS OF POWER not only will she touch it, but she’ll hold it in hands of compassion and warmth. You’ll find her insight into spiritual things like cool water on a hot Texas day. I have known Yolanda for years. This book will pour her heart into yours.” (Dr. Ed Montgomery, author of WHEN HEAVEN IS SILENT and pastor of Abundant Life Cathedral, Houston, TX )


“A workbook and study guide, personal and profound, POINTS OF POWER has found a home at my bedside and in my heart. Yolanda Adams brings her insight and passion to each and every page.” (Susan L. Taylor, founder and CEO, National CARES Mentoring Movement, and editor-in-chief emeritus, Essence magazine )