Yolanda Adams Live | Wellness Wednesday
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Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday


Wellness Wednesday is the day we encourage and enlighten
people concerning health issues.
Donate Bone Marrow

Thousands of patients hope for a bone marrow donor who can make their life-saving transplant possible. They depend on people like you. You have the power to save a life. Take the first step today by logging on to www.marrow.org/index.html.

Carrissa Dixon
October is Breast cancer Awareness month.
To find out more about the Sister Study, call 1-877-4-SISTER, or log on to www.sisterstudy.org .
Dr. Penni Hicks
Find out more about what you’re child
should be eating by visiting www.kidsnutrition.org
Dr. Roni DeLuz
Want to know more about the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox?
Log on to www.mvdietdetox.com
Dr. Rovenia Brock
Get all 10 secrets to healthy living at www.everythingro.com .
Dr. Clyde Yancy
To learn more about heart disease and other illnesses.
Log on to www.americanheart.org .
Dr. Ted Broer

Look and feel younger. Stress-free living made simple. Staying heart-disease and cancer free.
All these things and more inside Maximum Age Reversal.
Visit Dr. Ted at www.bodybyted.com

Tim Storey

Change your life. Read Utmost Living.
Be sure to log on to www.timstoreyonline.com

Denise Austin

Want to find out more ways to stay fit?
Got a question for Denise?
Log on now, http://www.deniseaustin.com/

Dr. John Lipman

To find out more about Uterine Fibroids.
Log on to www.ATLii.com

Jordan Rubin

Find your perfect weight at www.PerfectWeightAmerica.com

Dr. Bob Sears

For more information on autism.
Log on to www.AskDrSears.com

Dr. Mark Chironna

Find out how to improve your well-being at www.markchironna.com

Robin Anthony

Detoxify yourself, and feel better with RenuHerbs.
Log on to www.renuherbs.com

Dr. Joe Vetere

Live better. Find out how at www.7WeeksToWellness.com

Dr. Bill Sears

America’s pediatrician can be found online at www.AskDrSears.com